A Beginning

05/02/2013, a sunny balmy afternoon.

Food, bread, chow, cuisine, eats, fare, meal, pabulum, provision, snack, refreshment, sustenance, viand, victual,– the synonyms are plenty but love for taste is one and universal.

From time immemorial, Food has occupied a very very special place in the hearts (*read Stomach) of our dieties, our ancestors, our leaders, our grandparents, our children, our dogs and us.

So great and undiminishing is the love for food,  that Eve bit into the sinful apple, great men stole, kings waged war, countries signed pacts, new brides cook zealously, Great chefs guard their formulas with unmatched fervour. So to this great weakness I pledge my allegiance, and commence my contribution to the infinite recipes already floating on the web.

Being born and brought up in the peaceful, laid back(not anymore!) city of Bangalore has its advantages and disadvantages. Mumbai seemed too fast for me…. but not anymore. I love this place. This city encourages you to dream, hope, live and love life.  I have started afresh here, in Mumbai. My feisty 6year old daughter Milee, is a true Mumbai-ite in every sense… she ends her sentences with “na”, loves the rains, she is forever helpful, relishes vada pav and pav bhaji, grooves to all the hindi film music(much to my annoyance), and seems greatly smitten with her dressing and stylin!! Well… that she is only 6, I am dreading the later years!

I have been wanting to start a food blog from a very long time, but never really got around to do so.  Now, fresh with new zeal and confidence and most important Time,  I really want to contribute, share, learn and have fun.

So lets paint on this bare new tapestry of hope and freedom!


3 thoughts on “A Beginning

  1. Oh ..Namrata your thoughts r so deep n vast like the oceans.The reader gets drowned in your waves of imagination.

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