Strawberry Cupcakes

February is almost over, and I realize I haven’t used strawberries much this season. Another 2-3 weeks more, and then the berries are going to vanish. With their term coming to an end, I decide to use these beautiful yummy berries to some good use.

Milee wanted to bake the other day, and so with a box full of fresh strawberries in hand, we decided to tread into unidentified territory. That is, we zeroed in on making strawberry cupcakes. I had never made them before. We searched online for strawberry cupcakes, and did not find anything suiting our needs. So, mother and daughter tried out something new. We made our own recipe. Now this was going experimental!

Strawberry Cupcakes!!

Strawberry Cupcakes!!

Well, the result were these tiny bite sized cupcakes filled with strawberry compote in the center. We drizzled some more compote on the cups with some ice cream by the side. Wow, sounds sinful, right? Yea, it was.

To make matters worse, in an effort to take pictures from different angles, different cutlery and the various ways to serve the cupcake, we ended up eating quite a bit.

I will not let you drool more, here’s the recipe to these cute cupcakes.


To make 36 mini cupcakes –

  • ½ measurement of the vanilla sponge cake batter
  • ½ cup of strawberry compote
  • bit of icing sugar to dust
  • To serve: ice cream, strawberry compote to pour over, chocolate chips or sprinkles.


To make 36-40 mini cupcakes, take approximately half the paste of the vanilla sponge cake batter.
Preheat oven to 150 degree centigrade.
Now, take your cupcake tray, if required grease the moulds. Pour a spoon full of batter into the moulds, after that, carefully, drop a teaspoon of the strawberry compote and then top it with another ½ a spoon of batter. Now carefully, place in a preheated oven.

A spoon full of compote on a big spoon full of batter

A spoon full of compote on a big spoon full of batter

All set to go into the oven.

All set to go into the oven.

Bake till your toothpick comes out clean. Mine usually gets done in 10 minutes at 160 degree centigrade.
Carefully remove the cupcakes, and make more with the rest of the batter.
Well, your cupcakes are done!

delightful mini packages!

Delightfull mini packages!

Can you see the bright red  compote in there.

Can you see the bright red compote in there.

The fruity sweetness as well as the tartness bursts into awesome flavors once you bite into these little mini surprise packages.
Milee gorges on these tangy sweet cupcakes with full gusto!

dainty little beauties

dainty little beauties

To serve:

Slightly break the cupcakes, pour the strawberry sauce over it and place a scoop of vanilla ice cream by the side. Top with a mint leaf and serve immediately.
If you do not want the ice cream, serve the cupcake just with the syrup or plain.

Don't tell me you don't want some!!??!

Don’t tell me you don’t want some!!??!

Look at all those colors!

Look at all those colors!


6 thoughts on “Strawberry Cupcakes

  1. Ur cupcakes r looking sooo yummy….i feel like eating my laptop screen..just kidding but no they r looking really very delicious…i m definetly gona try this receipe…

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