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Cool Slightly chilly winters made me have multiple cups of tea in the mornings. Hectic starts, along with cold weathers were such a maze, that a hot cup of masala chai was my usual and only comfort. But not now.

Summers in Mumbai scream out LOUD. Its only April, and the temperature is soaring to 40 degree celsius already. So, there goes my morning cup of hot chais.

Too hot to handle the tea, I switch to something cool to sip on.

Beet Carrot Ginger Mint Mania

Beet Carrot Ginger Mint Mania

What better way to beat the heat, with natural coolants:

Mint is well known for its supreme curative properties. Great for your digestive tracts, helps in the digestion of fats and is a natural skin benefactor – Yay!! In short, mint makes you thin and pretty. Wow, I love mint.

Beetroot is great for you. We all know that. It has a host of goodness in it, but did you know, that it is a great anti ageing produce.
So out with your Olays and other anti aging creams, adopt Beetroot.

Carrot.. do I need to say anything about this root?.. Remember your granny or your mum goading you to eat the crunchy colored veggie… good for your eyes, good for your stomach, good for your nails….(yuck on your tongue, they forgot to add). The health benefits are many.

Ginger, yumm! This wonderful twisted root is one of my favorite ingredients. Slightest addition of this wonder spice brings life to my bland dinner. I threw it in the drink solely for its strong aromatic flavor. But, mind you, the benefits are plenty.
Ginger is great for digestion(again :))and improves the absorption and assimilation of essential nutrients in the body.

Nutritious Beauty Drink

Nutritious Beauty Drink

To make this magnificent drink, you don’t have to do much.

To make two glasses:

In a blender, throw in one small washed peeled and diced beetroot, one carrot, one tomato, along with a tiny piece of ginger and 10-12 mint leaves. Juice of one whole lime and 1/2 tsp rock salt. Add in a glass of water. Churn well. Strain the concoction.
The juice is bright red and clear.
Drink it up immediately. Avoid keeping the juice for more than 30 minutes. The juiced vegetables release toxins and the color of the drink changes from a bright to dull hue. So drink it up to health and beauty.

A glass full of health.

Stamina Booster.

I avoided the salt and did not strain the juice. The result was this fibre rich viscous liquid. Difficult to drink, but nonetheless, I shut my eyes tight, and gulped it down. Truthfully, its not very tasty, but hey, a natural medicinal beauty and health drink, with stamina boosting properties. Now who would not want to drink this…..? Kids.

Medicinal and Curative Properties

Medicinal and Curative Properties


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