Raw Mango Drink / Aam Panna

Refreshing, cool, lip smackingly delicious and to top it all – nutritious with heat resisting properties… woah!! Yea, this is Aam Panna for you. A raw mango drink incensed with cumin seeds, fresh mint and black salt.

I love black salt. The husband got home a packet of organic black salt, which is coarser and granier than the usual. The taste so raw, fresh and extreme and the color not exactly black, but a deep pinkish purple hue. With cooling properties, it aids in digestion and used as a laxative too.

Aam Panna

Aam Panna

My little girl likes anything sour-lemony. Not one with a sweet tooth, she loves lime juice and loads of “chat masala” on her fruits and salads. My teeth turn sour when I watch her bite nonchalantly into a huge green gooseberry. And raw mango sprinkled with salt and red chili powder is her absolute favorite! Whatever happened to candies, chocolates, ice creams and cakes! The brat’s palette recognizes salt, sour, bitter and pungent but sweet is spat out as if it was unbearable to her tongue. So weird.

Heat resistant properties.

Heat resistant properties.

So, you can imagine, how much she would relish a cool tall glass of this tangy raw mango juice. The spices are smacked and the juice gulped in no time. And I’m not complaining, infact, pleased as a punch, to see the good down her. Sigh! if only milk would be consumed so readily. “Make it taste like panna”, the little monkey says. How I wish I could.

Highly Nutritious

Highly Nutritious



  • 2 small raw mangoes, I peel them and then boil.
  • 6-7 spoons of sugar or according to your taste
  • a small piece of ginger
  • 2-3 tbsp of chopped fresh mint leaves
  • 1 tsp cumin seed powder
  • black salt to taste


Boil the raw mangoes in little water. I used a pressure cooker, for which, 2-3 whistles are enough for the mangoes to boil well and nice.
Remove the seed, pulp the boiled flesh. Add all the other ingredients, saving some chopped mint leaves for garnishing. Churn well in a mixer or use a hand blender.
I added 2 glasses of water and churned again. This is aam panna ready to be served once refrigerated. But what many people do, like my mom – they refrigerate a thick pureed juice with all spices and sugar, and add water accordingly at serving time. So, its really your call. But the drink needs to be chilled. There’s no fun in a tangy, flavorful but warm drink.

So chill it up before taking the gulp 🙂

A hint of ginger and a dash of cumin

A hint of ginger and a dash of cumin

Hot unbearable summers in India makes it almost mandatory to drink this cooler everyday. The panna prevents heat strokes, heat induced headaches, dehydration and an amazing curative for blood disorders.

Hence dear friends and foodies,
churn it up in the name of health and goodies…Er.. I love to rhyme, hey it’s no crime… What?? I’m wasting your time!?
You know I could answer that and go on, but I love my readers way too much to put them through my pathetic poetry.
So, on that note.
Have a beautiful day!


Best way to beat the heat.

Best way to beat the heat.


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