Photography Styling Challenge #1 – Food

A photography challenge could not have come at a better time. Exploring the nuances, techniques, styling, plating, lighting…( I could go on and on) has me hooked on to the camera .. like all the time!

Redesigned By M and Red Lovin Pixie, 2 amazing beautiful blogs, have issued a monthly Photography Styling Challenge starting in July. This month’s theme is FOOD(What a way to kick start a challenge!).
The rules are simple. No photo editing apart from cropping is allowed.

I chanced upon their amazing invite through another blogger friend Anjana of “Happy and Harried” fame. Anjana has posted interesting inviting pictures of her simple vanilla cake served with tea. Very English.
Grabbing this opportunity, I decided to chip in too. I have been fiddling with my camera for sometime now. Time to test it a little.

I baked a Dark Double Chocolate Walnut Brownie today(recipe to be posted later). The pictures were clicked on my terrace garden in the afternoon. I clicked several pictures, but since the requirement was that of pure unadulterated photographs, I have only a few to send to the challenge.

Making use of the abundant natural light, here are some of the pure shots:

Sinful Indulgence

Sinful Indulgence

A close up:

Dark Double chocolate walnut brownie served with warm milk

Dark Double chocolate walnut brownie served with warm milk

One with a tilt:

Hello Kitty eyes the treat

Hello Kitty eyes the treat

And a couple of unadulterated shots from a very recent post of mine:
Date Nuts Fig Energy Rolls

Again shot on my terrace garden –

Simple, beneficial, nutritious

Simple, beneficial, nutritious

Up close:

 salubrious layers

salubrious layers

Well.. this is it. I have a point and shoot Canon SD1300. The ISO was on Auto when I took the pictures(a mistake? any suggestions?). Hoping to fine tune my clicks and learn a lot through innovative challenges like these!

Please do check out beautiful photographs over at:

Redesigned by M
Red Lovin Pixie
At the corner of Happy and Harried



9 thoughts on “Photography Styling Challenge #1 – Food

  1. Hi Namrata! That choco cake looks delicious! So glad you found us through Anjana. My two suggestions (if I may) would be to choose what area you want to focus (highlight) and half click on that subject first, hold the half click, pan the camera to center your composition, then click. In the case of your first choc cake photo, the cake in the foreground would’ve looked more enticing if it wasn’t blurry and more in focus. (Does that make sense?) Then the other suggestion is to play with your P or M modes. They offer much more control in your settings and lighting. Give it a try and see what you think! That’s all any of us are doing, I think. Haha… Well done. Can’t wait to see next month’s table setting! ~M.

    • Hi. thank you for your suggestions. Like mentioned earlier, my objective is to improve, so yeah.. please feel free to advise/criticise/suggest… 🙂

      Im going to play around with ur 2 pointers on my camera for some time today. The half click to highlight is a new to me. Ive never done that, would always wonder how to focus on my main composition. So thanks a ton!

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