Easy Biscuit Chocolate Fudge – Century Post

6 months back all I could think of was to put up a few tried recipes and some serious journaling of my boring life.
Then Time happened. And along with time, 99 posts happened.
These two changed my priorities, wants and needs. Now I disarmigly try n concoct recipes and formulas, view my once mundane life with a story in every moment, capture those timeless-fleeting occasions in my heart as well as in words, be fascinated with pixels and ISO settings, play around with picasa and instagram, make new friends and the best bit – wake up to ‘likes’ and kind ‘comments’!!
Life has been fun since.

Biscuit Chocolate Fudge

Biscuit Chocolate Fudge

Exactly 6 months and 99 posts later, I bring this sweet delicacy for you dear foodies to celebrate my 100th post. Biscuit Chocolate Fudge, a gooey-chewy soft sweet mouthful – a perfect way to enhance my festive spirit.

Soft, gooey, chewy

Soft, gooey, chewy

Milee was already celebrating. Not my 100th post dear friends. But ‘Friendship Day’. Frankly, I never got around understanding all the special days that come in a year – friendships day, women’s day, father’s day, mother’s day, wife day, this day, that day. Phew! tiring.

But the child’s zest and spirit to make friends and share threads of amity made me tickle her demands of little friendships bands and some chocolate candies.

It might sound strange, but I never made a band for my friends to declare and pledge my loyalty towards them. And others around me did it and were subject to ‘Hmph, so silly’ looks. But like said before, Time taught me to never say ‘never’ again. My kid, who has a very fine mind of her own and she makes that very clear, announces loud that she needs those threads for all the people on her list. The girl was on a mission, I could make that out.

Milee's friends eye the fudge...

Milee’s friends eye the fudge…

And now a little word on Milee’s social skills. My kid is sensitive, touchy and easily offended. Comradeship doesn’t come easily to her. She usually gets left out or kicked out from games and teams. We can see she is eager to make friends and join in all the fun, but the kid struggles with social skills and team spirit.
Hmm… so now her agenda was to bribe her way into games and groups. Well..I could not say no, and moreover I needed a sweet treat to ceremonialize my 100 posts.

Sticky stack

Sticky stack

The band making project turned quite a dampner when we realized crocheting threads is no joke. We struggled, wasted and finally flung the thin satin yarns. Leaving a room full of fine threads, scissors and lots of mess for another time in the day, we enter the kitchen in lieu of creating some magic there at the least.

The recipe simple, the ingredients ready, the zest back, we set to work. And it works like a charm.


  • 1 tin condensed milk, I used nestle
  • 6 tbsp cocoa powder
  • 100 gms butter
  • 200 gms coarsely crushed biscuits/cookies, I used Hide n Seek
  • Gems/ MnM’s to decorate



Mix the condensed milk, cocoa powder and butter to a smooth paste in a pan or kadai/wok. Place the mixture on low flame and while stirring all the while, cook for at least 10-12 minutes. You will find it thickening and becoming one cohesive mass. Once done. Throw in the coarsely crushed biscuits. Mix well.

Pour the contents into a well greased plate. Let it cool. I refrigerated it once the fudge had cooled down. After a couple of hours, remove, cut into square pieces, decorate with MnM’s or gems.


Keep the rest refrigerated else it starts to get all sticky and melty.

A milestone reached

A milestone reached

We later did get back to the band making project. And we did complete it, though with not any outstanding results. But it pleased Milee like no other. She was very proud of her handi work, joyous about the little goodies cooling in the fridge and hopeful of all those beautiful relationships she was going to make.

No, I am no witch. I didn’t burst the bubble that was floating so high up in the air. I let her dream. I let her hope. I let her be.

Colorful setting

Of Journeys and Ends

And with this new-found hope that both mother daughter found, we embark on our respective journeys with similar roads to travel and familiar destinations.
So, here’s one, for many more to come.

18 thoughts on “Easy Biscuit Chocolate Fudge – Century Post

  1. I feel for little Milee, totally empathize with her. I had similar issues too when young. But I guess you’re tackling it well.
    Awesome simple recipe! Great write up and Congratulations!! Keep bringing them on.

  2. I always feel lazy(n envy) to read ur oven wali recipies, bcoz neither do I have one nor I am much into baking:D Though by the name, I wasn’t really keen assuming its a baking one, but I must say I m glad I read it 🙂 Isko to try karna padega boss, coz for me its perfect!! Simple n yummmm :)) Cgts once again!!!

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