Photography Styling Challenge #6: Order/Organization

Photography Styling Challenge

Photography Styling Challenge

This month, M chose Order/Organization to shoot for the Photography Styling Challenge. Next month is Chaos. But Order and Chaos go hand in hand. There are two sides to every coin. Love Hate. Life Death. Order Chaos. There is a bit of chaos in order. The line is too light. The transition in a flip. The eclipse, illusionary. The perspective, personal. The result – in the mind. Er.. too deep? Well, not if you think about it.

The more I staged my scene for Order, the more chaotic it looked. It’s like, we try to create order, but chaos still reigns. Sigh. But then he walked in.
‘It sure does look busy’ he muses.
‘But if you look scrupulously, it looks quite orderly’. hmm.. Big help!, I scoff.
Shoot closely. Get intimate was his offhand remark as he walks out. And well, so I did but can you catch any order to my organization?

Hugely inspired by M’s link, I decided to play with some of my most favorite things – Art and Craft Supplies. I’m in the midst of making scrap book of a recent family vacation. I had loads and loads of material, the only thing required was styling and skill to shoot the set up.

The whole big picture looked messy, busy and too chaotic. But a little closer, things seem to make sense. I choose some of my favorite shots for this challenge and post it here for you. A complete picture is averted for obvious reasons.

My love for supplies

My love for supplies

Freshly Sharpened Pencils - who doesn't love them!

Freshly Sharpened Pencils – favorite shot!

Glitter tubes - Arrayed.

Glitter tubes – Arrayed.

Scrap Book in making

Scrap Book in making

Treasuring memories

Treasuring memories

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22 thoughts on “Photography Styling Challenge #6: Order/Organization

    • Hi Dillon. The second one is my fav too. And we don’t need color in pencils…. just need them nicely sharpened? šŸ™‚ don’t we. Thank you for your comments.

  1. Haha… I know what you mean by ‘chaos’ getting in the way of ‘order’. I agree with your hubby that you could have pared down slightly on the number of items used, or the way you chose to photograph certain items. 3 & 4 would have been more appealing if you tried a shallow field of depth, focusing on the nearest brushes/tubes.
    I love all the colors in your supplies! So pretty.

    PS: How come I don’t see any crafty posts from you? hint hint… šŸ˜‰

    • Even before husband could point it out… I knew the setting was more chaotic than orderly..:) But his tip of getting closer worked. Shallow field of depth is what I need to play around with. Appreciate your comments.

    • Its not that difficult really. Its actually fun. My girl has taken on me where art craft is concerned, her favorite thing in the world is paper and glue! šŸ™‚

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  3. You’re right about Chaos and Order. It can be very deceptive. But great job done here Nams. The theme fits well. And the pencils!?..ooh! awesome click. I like the last one also and I’m waiting for your scrap book to get done, deserve a sneak peek in there too! We all do. šŸ™‚

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  5. Hello Namrata! These are really lovely photographs, it’s been wonderful watching everyone grow through this challenge, and I want to commend you in particular! Your photographs are just getting better and better!
    (that is not to say they weren’t good in the first place) It’s just I can tell that you are growing as a photographer šŸ™‚ x

    • Thank you Roxy. Yes this challenge has been very helpful and M especially has been very supportive. And my photographs are gettin better??… I guess I’m inspired by you guys. You are simply fabulous with your camera! Thank you again!

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