Photography Styling Challenge #7: Chaos

Happy New Year Lovely People!
Chaos is not exactly what one has in mind when embarking on a new path, right? New year, fresh start, some raw resolutions and I title my post as Chaos? 🙂 don’t worry readers, I started the year fresh, pledging not to make my resolutions redundant.

Photography Styling Challenge

Photography Styling Challenge

This one is for a photography Styling Challenge put together by the very lovely M. If any of you do wish to join, please click on the Photography styling challenge button in the sidebar and join in the fun!

The theme for this month is Chaos. Last month was Order. Since order and chaos go hand in hand, M puts this interesting clause to use 3 items from last month’s order shoot.

I have photographed both Order and Chaos in the same concept: Scrap book making of a fun vacation.

Having used almost all the items from last time’s shoot, I have added a picture of a trinket box which my daughter loves to collect. The box/bottle contains myriad beads, random stones, wooden and glass junk.

Here are a few shots:

Chaos Reigns

Chaos Reigns

Supply Box - So disorganized

Supply Box – So disorganized

Beads trinkets and much more!

Beads trinkets and much more!

Filling in the gaps

Filling in the gaps

Scissors galore

Scissors galore

Well, my personal verdict is that I wish I could have used lesser items and still made it look chaotic – which is quite difficult to do. It was all so easy to keep adding stuff 🙂

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Looking forward to read what you think of my chaotic mess.
I hope each one of you get what you want from this year. Have a beautiful 2014!

-Best Wishes,


18 thoughts on “Photography Styling Challenge #7: Chaos

    • Well Anjana, to tell you the truth, only 4 of them are the real good ones and the rest are toy scissors handed out to kids less than 5. I just gathered all that I could find to make it look chaotic. 🙂
      Somehow B/W pics appeal the most to me, I love the fact that just 2 colors can bring in so much to picture.

  1. This is a familiar scene in my home. Crafting chaos. Buttons strewn, pencils in my hair, covering everything. I wish I had that many scissors, though. I am about to embark on two years worth of backlogged photo printing and I am cringing inside just thinking about it. These photos gave me slight anxiety, no cute scissor clipping here, just wham-o into a photo binder. That’s about all I can handle. Happy new year, Namrata! Super photos here.

    • Hey Nicole, thank you for stopping by. Crafting Chaos – sounds so apt and wonderful! And so not worth drooling over my scissor collection, like I told Anjana, I cheated here and threw in some toy ones too 😉
      I loved what you did with this months challenge! Great job.

  2. Chaos, really? You don’t fool me, Namrata! These photos are so organized! One pair of scissors outside the box does not define chaos. Hahaha. The photo with the beads is really dark. I think it would have been a stronger image if you had turned your objects towards the natural light and then shot them from the window (while not blocking the light). Oh, and happy new year! ~M.

    • Oh! I tried to picture chaos in the box too and not just out of it. 🙂
      Yea I agree M about the dark pic. I tried different angles but it was all amiss…Maybe closer to the window and like you suggest turned towards the light would have helped. Thanks for the tip! Hope your holidays were fun.

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  4. Hey Namrata, I like the photo of the scissors. Just a tip for the photo of the beads, I think you needed to up the ISO or bring in more natural light as it looks a tad dark and a bit grainy in some sections of that photo otherwise nice pics 🙂

  5. Chaotic! Yep, this was a wonderful success in case you were wondering 🙂 The first thing that struck me was how creative you are and a few seconds later, I went “but why would you need so many scissors?!” 😉 But as a person who understands the concept of the ever elusive scissors, I know it makes perfect sense 😀
    My favorite shot is the one with all the pencils (the first pic). Very artistically chaotic.

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