Photography Styling Challenge #10: Light

Photography Styling Challenge

Photography Styling Challenge


God said Let there be Light and So there was Light.

But with Light, comes shadows. Shadows are imperative, they give body and meaning and definition to things around us. I am enamored by both Light and Shadows.

To quote DaVinci:
Shadow is the obstruction of light. Shadows appear to me to be of supreme importance in perspective, because, without them opaque and solid bodies will be ill defined; that which is contained within their outlines and their boundaries themselves will be ill-understood unless they are shown against a background of a different tone from themselves.

An early morning trip to the beach helped me capture the gentle waking rays of the sun and the slight shadows it cast. While my girl played with her toys and dug pits, I tried hide and seek with Mr Sun.

Early morning Sunlight

Early morning Sunlight

she plays with light

she plays with light

If there's light, there has to be shadows

If there’s light, there has to be shadows

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and a very warm welcome to my friend Sonal:

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Hope you all have a beautiful day!



20 thoughts on “Photography Styling Challenge #10: Light

  1. What a happy day, so evident in the pictures themselves. I think if you had positioned yourself in front of your daughter in
    the first shot to capture the sun on her face, it would have been such a nice shot of what I’m sure would have been a smiling face (if she was able to sit still long enough!). Lovely interpretation of the theme x

    • Thank you Roxy. I shot these pictures not thinking of our light theme at all. So I clicked and clicked just enjoying my daughter. But yes, maybe a bit more method and thought would have elicited better pictures in connection with the theme. I am so in love with yours and Dillons photography. You guys inspire me!

  2. Hi Namrata! These pictures take me away. I grew up near the beach, and am now as land-locked as can be in Kansas. I miss the Ocean. I particularly enjoy the silhouette photos, the texture of the beach under the tide. Do you live near the ocean? What a gift.

    • aw… I wish you get to be near an ocean again. Yes, I live in Mumbai, a seaside mega city of India. The beaches are not that clean or inviting, but my husband takes us to little far off beaches coz he is a huge huge beach bum.. haha. Worth the drive for us.

  3. Hi Namrata, I love the beach and good job bringing in how lights create shadow. I agree with Roxy that would have been an awesome shot with the light on your daughters face.

  4. You have created beautiful pictures paying with light and shadows, Namrata. You are inspiring me to take part in the challenge…let me get my camera out and go for a walk. If I get something worth posting I will join you guys!

    • Hey Sridevi. I am so glad you are inspired to join. I have seen your food pics.. and you have a keen eye for photography. This challenge helps us all to discover our cameras, various angles and methods to shoot. You must join!!

  5. Roxy brought up a great idea about shooting the light on your daughter’s face. That would have been an amazing way to look at light, although your daughter probably would’ve gotten antsy posing so long while her mama kept catching the light in various angles on her face. Haha. (You should try it anyway!)

    • Yes I do have a few pics with light on my daughters face but the squinting and expressions were so funny, so i refrained from posting them… but yes it would have made a great pic if I had a not so highly mobile model. 🙂

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