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There comes a time in life, when you wonder what your life is upto. Confused, paralytic, clueless, we grope to find those elusive answers to life’s profound questions. I did not like the feeling, gloomy and wretched.
I like to be in charge. At least of my own breath. So, one fine day, I drew a list. A bucket list of a few things I want to do before I die. When you assimilate a few targets, living becomes focussed and busy. And when you are busy, the devil in your mind goes kaput. Its important to keep this idle satan at bay. Armed with novel destinations, I set out to explore and discover new unfound experiences. A food blog was one of the pointers. On a beautiful morning of february 4th, 2013, MyFoodTapestry was born.

I am in love with food. Have been since I was a kid. I crave fresh vegetables, natural colors, aromatic spices and the various techniques involved in making a healthy happy meal for people you love. Thus after browsing through innumerable sites all this while, I decided to add one more to the many already floating on the web.

Healthy eating is my mantra. But I don’t understand low fat and zero oil cooking. I Enjoy everything, but in moderation. Include ghee – cheese in your diet, watch your skin glow. Eat good carbs, see the difference in your energy levels. Eat small quantities every 2-3 hours and see the magic in your weight. Choose whole grain over refined ones. These are small steps towards healthy eating, but they have huge impacts on our much abused bodies. I am a vegetarian, and do not use eggs in my cooking.

My biggest inspiration is my mother. A fabulous cook with an intuitive sense of food, she made people happy. Especially us kids. MyFoodTapestry is dedicated to my mother, for infusing in me the love for food. With a growing 6 year old and a super busy, over stressed husband, has put me on my toes to incorporate good food in their diets.

All the recipes posted on this blog are tried, tested and photographed by me. My cooking is wholesome, simple and I try to use ingredients which are usually available in any Indian kitchen shelf.
Having lived in Bangalore most of my life, and being really curious and adventurous in other cuisines, has inspired my cooking. I am unsuccessful many a times, I will let you know of those mishaps too.

This blog has aroused a dormant interest in me – Photography. Food photography is said to be one of the most tactful and conniving subjects to deal with. It’s not easy. Yep, I got a taste of it the hard way. My initial shots make me squirm and wince. And I’m still no where near a pro. Its a slow learning process. But I’m trying nevertheless.

You will frequently meet Milee, my spunky 6 year old. Her vivid imagination amazes me most of the times. Her fanciful interpretation of the most mundane things is a facet to be shared. So, along with delicacies that whet your appetite, we shall also explore the wonderland of a feisty 6 year old.

Please leave comments on posts you appreciate and like. Your comments and critique keep me motivated.
Thank you for stopping by.

Love to all,

Milee n Me

Milee n Me

Loving Life

Loving Life


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  1. Hi Namrata! What a beautiful blog you have! Your photographs are fantastic, they deifnitely look professional! Well done! And your little girl is adorable =) I look forward seeing more of your posts!

  2. Awesome pics – I almost feel I can smell whatever’s cooking ! Yummm! visual treat and great reading too!. Am always amazed at the generosity of people like you for so kindly sharing the tricks of your masterful kitchen creations!!! May the goodwill of this gesture bless you abundantly always.

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