Methi Muthiya / Steamed Fenugreek Bottle Gourd Dumplings
Falafel – Baked!
Ragda Pattice
Vegetables Stuffed Braided Bread – Yeast Free
Vegetable Cutlets
Garlic Bread, made the skinny way
Creamy Spinach Corn Canapes – Kids love this!
Chili Garlic Potatoes and a very yummy Wrap
Roasted Euryale Fox Nuts or Daal Makhane
Guacamole and a very colorful Mexican Sandwich
Sev Puri
Healthy Delicious Cottage Cheese Wraps
Vermicelli Noodles
Red Bean Corn Quesadilla
Baked Corn Chips
Cheesy Hummus Pizza
Popular Indian potato pastry / Punjabi Samosa
Steamed Savoury Gram Flour Cakes / Khaman Dhokla
Corn Broccoli Bread Pockets
Quick Easy Cutlets
Flatbread Noodles / Chappathi Noodles
Corn Pepper Cheese Flatbread
Mushroom Pepper Cheese Crostinis
Stuffed Crunchy Bread
Pasta Corn Rolls
Pani Puris
Broccoli Corn Cheese Quesadillas


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