Photography Styling Challenge #8: Patterns

Photography Styling Challenge

Photography Styling Challenge

Patterns – this month’s theme for the photo styling challenge.
Wow! I loved the idea of stylin and shooting something creative and decorative. Yea.. so excited. But I did what I do… procrastinate. Now dear friends, we have to submit the first monday of every month, and here I am… staring at my screen, fidgeting, twiddling my thumb and getting easily distracted by my itchy painful throat and a very sore head. Oh! I am a day late.

I decided to do the challenge with food this time. I spotted a braided bread on one of the blogs I stalk, and I was so eager to try them out. What better way to utilize this month’s theme and give a go to a much awaited recipe?!!
My only hitch was that I could not make variations in the braids to add more to the pattern.

Since my numb head will not let me write any more, without much ado, here are the pictures:



Criss Cross

Criss Cross

I made some tiny bite size poppers too

I made some tiny bite size poppers too

petals on patterns

petals on patterns

If you wish to join this lovely challenge, please click on the Photography Styling Challenge button in the side bar.

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Would love to hear your feedback/comments/critiques!



21 thoughts on “Photography Styling Challenge #8: Patterns

    • Thanks Anjana. I had decided long back that this is what I will post for patterns.. but somehow not got around actually executing it. when you have an idea ready, the implementation hardly takes time or effort. But when I don’t have any clear plan, is when I stress the most! So, yea, this time, although I was ill, It was not too bad. 🙂

  1. ooh! You are one smart girl. Patterns on food is always appealing. Great job! I dont want the recipe, you know I will never bake bread! but call me over next time you make some 😉

  2. Hi Namrata! Sorry it’s taken me so long to stop by. I, too, have been feeling under the weather. Kudos to you for making this recipe in your condition! Very impressive! I love the first image… do you know you have the crisscross pattern on stripe pattern on plaid pattern? They all work together very nicely. Although… we must do something with the fuzziness of some of your photos. ~M.

    • Oh thats sad you’ve fallen ill too. Hope you get better soon.
      Thank you for your feedback. Yes, the fuzziness stumps me. What can I do about it? I try hard to take sharper clearer pictures…but have no idea what I’m doing wrong.

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